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Working on an original 3D animated supernatural drama series called "Love Sucks". The story takes inspiration from shows such as Buffy the vampire slayer, vampire diaries and charmed.

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Love Sucks is an animated series created with Daz 3D and iClone 7 taking inspiration from shows such as "Buffy The Vampire Slayer, The Vampire Diaries, Charmed, Ghost Whisperer and Supernatural." This is Love Sucks - Episode 7 Animated Storyboard. This will be the last animated storyboard we'll make for Love Sucks as we really wanna start completing some scenes for episode one! To catch up on episodes 1-6 of love sucks storyboard, you can find the playlist over on YouTube, the link can be found below. Be sure to watch out for any new updates! 


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This video is a basic storyboard for draft visuals. This is not what the actual series will look like, most features are missing or unfinished. The completed episodes will have better graphics and animations. Thank you for following the development of Love Sucks, we hope you enjoyed this weeks video. If you could leave us any feedback in the comments that would be great as it helps us to improve as content creators, also if you have any criticism we would appreciate if you would make it constructive. If you did enjoy this video then please remember to follow our social media as it helps to keep you up to date with our progress ✌


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